Calculus Primer

A survival guide that covers related rates, volume integration, polar calculus, and integration by parts.

Number Theory Seminar

Transcript of an EFNet #math seminar on Number theory
Please see
for more seminar transcripts.

Essential Physics

A site covering introductory classical mechanics and E&M with many example problems.

Phys 213 Thermal Physics

A more thermodynamics centered physics site, maintained not by me but by lucky number 9.

lac Operon model

This is a 3DS Max 6 rendering of what I think a lac Operon looks like

Phospholipid Bilayer Model

This is a 3DS Max 6 rendering of what I think a segment of the phospholipid bilayer looks like

Muscle Chart

A list of human muscle insertions, origins, and actions

WebQuest: Child Labor

A WebQuest on child labor in the Progressive Era


MIT 2006 6.270 Lego Robot Competition Team 20 Info Page