MIT IAP'06 :: 6.270 BROOM CLUB
Team 20 - Violet Sauce


Since the primary purpose of the robot is to be a ball pusher, it is necessary to determine a reliable way of pushing balls onto the opponents side. I decided to implement a front bumper controlled by two servos. It can be slanted to the left and to the right. by adjusting the servo positions. After several test trials, it was deemed efficient.

The robot was made with modularity in mind. The robot can be taken apart with ease by removing the bracing on the sides. This allows for easier fixing of individual robot parts (gear trains, etc).

The weight distribution of the robot was primarily over the drive train. The batteries were the heaviest component and centered right over the wheels. The Happyboard was positioned towards the front of the robot.

Quick Facts

GEAR TRAIN RATIO27:1 (24-8,24-8,24-8)
# of MOTORS4 total, 2 on each wheel
SENSORS USED 1 Sharp Distance Sensor for orientation and wall detection
1 Red LED/Phototransistor pair to determine side of board
1 Microswitch to detect collisions